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6th May 2014 - Aluminium Repair Facility

Kendal Autobody is pleased to announce the opening of their state of the art aluminium repair facility. One of only a handful in the whole of the North West.

Aluminium is used extensively in the construction of many modern cars as it offers significant advantages of lightness and improved structural strength over conventional steels. This allows manufacturers to produce cars that are lighter and more fuel efficient while being stronger and so safer.

The repair of aluminium cars requires the use of specialist dedicated equipment together with specialist knowledge and skills. The repair should be carried out in a completely segregated clean environment using tools dedicated to aluminium repair. This is to prevent potential cross contamination of the aluminium from other materials that could degrade its structural integrity. These repairs require specialist welding and bonding and riveting equipment. Also a high level of technician knowledge and skill, backed up by extensive training, is essential to ensure that these cars are repaired to the manufacturer’s specification.

Here at Kendal Autobody we have invested in a purpose built aluminium repair facility providing capability for the structural and cosmetic repair of even the largest vehicles such as the latest generation of Range Rovers. We use the latest repair technology and all our technicians are trained to the highest standard to ensure that your car is repaired correctly to the manufacturer’s specification ensuring its structural integrity and safety.